Roof Inspection Surveys

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Do I need a roof survey? 

 If you are the owner of an existing property & you are considering roofing works due to existing roof leaks then an independent roof survey can often save you thousands on total replacement if this is not actually necessary.

An independent roof survey could also expose some serious problems to other areas of the roof that you may not have even considered. So rather than having yet another expensive isolated repair or temporary bodge, that money could be put towards a proper solution in having a more long term approach in a complete new roof covering that will give your property another 30 plus years of maintenance free life.

Perhaps you may be selling a property that you know has a roofing problem so rather than burying your head in the sand & hoping that no one will spot it (unlikely) why not bite the bullet now & pre-empt the purchasers tact of demanding money off the purchase price when the defective roof is discovered - you never know it may not be as bad as you think.

By being upfront, you can provide the prospective purchaser and their surveyor with our independent roof survey report that provides a schedule of what is exactly wrong with the roof, what is still good with the roof and a selection of choices that may be available with an indication of costs. You will then not be held to ransom on the purchase price.

If you are purchasing a property & your Building Surveyor has already cast doubt on the long term condition of the roof or you yourself have spotted a few worrying signs that the roof may be suspect, an independent roof survey will confirm or deny these fears. Very often the main roof covering is fine & only the hips or ridges need replacing in order to extend the roof's life by a further twenty years.