Roof Inspection Surveys

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How good is a roof survey? 

 Roof surveys will vary from surveyor to surveyor but they should all cover the same main areas as stated elsewhere in this web site. It may only be the presentation of the roof survey report that differs.

The roof survey report should be quite specific as to the existing condition if the roof, what the main defect areas are (if any) and a recommended course of action with perhaps a short term remedial repair option should the client not be willing for the full suggested works.

Likewise, if the roof is generally sound & only requires minor works, this should also be clearly stated as well. Many roof inspection reports do confirm this . Being independent roofing surveyors, they will have no ulterior motif for lying about the works for another form of profit related remuneration.

Generally speaking, provided your roof surveyor is independent and you are paying for his time and experience for this report then you should be able to rely on his advice. Any Contractor based report (especially local roofing companies to you) will always be tainted by a conflict of interests. Many are truthful and will say when a roof does not need replacing but how can you ever tell the truthful ones that are just their for the future work they can extract from you.