Roof Inspection Surveys

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How to choose a roofing surveyor 

Surveyors specialising in roof condition reports are very few. It is usually offered as a supplementary service by an individual or company specialising in a related construction area such as Architecture, general surveying & roof contracting.

If you are able to locate a specialist roofing surveyor, take time to quiz them on their experience in this area. For example Roof-Check will only inspect and report of residential type properties or commercial premises of standard roof covering construction. Metal roofs of large factory or office block complexes are excluded from our services as we have no real experience in this area.

Likewise, there are roofing surveyors who only specialise in commercial building roofs - it's horses for courses.

Ensure that the roof surveyor is unconnected with any other local roofing business to avoid a conflict of interests. Make sure that he is fully aware that his report is to be fully independent as you are paying for his advice separately.

Never accept a roof surveyor who indicates that his fee can be absorbed into the roofing contractors costs - You are paying for unbiased advice and his time totally outside the scope of any other roofing work that you may or may not choose to install.