Roof Inspection Surveys

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How to prepare for a roof inspection survey 

 If you are having a roof inspection or survey then there are certain things you can do to make it quicker & less dangerous for the roofing surveyor. 

Firstly, clear up around the base of your property before your roof survey calls. Remove all children's toys an potentially dangerous items that could trip a person up while carrying a ladder for example.

Advise your neighbours that you are having a roof inspection completed so they don't get a shock when the see a person crawling over your roof.

Move all cars, prams etc. out of the driveway & from the perimeter of the property - including your neighbours. Accidents such as slipped tiles or ladders can cause extensive damage so reduce the risk as much as you can.

If you have a conservatory & its is small enough, cover it in cardboard or any other protective cushions that you may have for example. If the conservatory is too large then advise the roof surveyor accordingly.

Unlock side gates, move bins etc. ready for the roof surveyor to obtain good access.