Roof Inspection Surveys

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Roof Inspection Surveys and Condition Reports.

Our Limits:

As with most things, there are limits on what we can do:-

Physical limits.
Every property is different but as a general guide we can normally obtain external access to the roof up to three stories high provided there is sufficient external access at the ground floor to support ladders, towers etc.

Any access to the roof which requires access over another persons land or property can only be achieved if the client obtains prior formal approval.  Any access that is denied to us by controlling third parties or other obstructions may result in a less detailed report.

Report Limits.
Our Roof Report will be applicable to what we can physically get access to, see & test by simple non-destructive probing from the outside of the building. It may not be possible to provide close inspection if the 'entire' roof surface .  We will not put at risk Health & Safety of ourselves or others by dangerously extending our limits as to what we can safely achieve.  Our roof survey reports are NOT structural surveys.

Area Limits.
Our 'local' area covers most of the 'Bucks, Berks & Oxon region within a 20 mile radius of Marlow. We are able to travel further subject to an additional fee.  Some parts of London are excluded from our area.  If you are outside of this area please do not ask us to visit - we simply do not have the time or resourses for remote sites.

roof check listHow to obtain our 'Roof-Check' report for your property.
Go to the 'Request Survey' page on this web site & print off the form on your own printer.  Duly complete the relevant sections & send to us via email, fax or post enclosing the required fee cheque.  We will then contact you shortly after receiving your order to confirm details.  You may wish to telephone us first to check availability.  You may also wish to email us for prior notification that your order is arriving.

Within a few short days after completing our roof survey, the report will be compiled & sent to you via email as a pdf.  If we are very busy you may pefer a verbal report only with photographic evidence. 

Our top tips for re-roofing:-

roof surveyors in Marlow Bucks1.  Obtain written estimates or fixed price quotations from at least 3 selected roofing companies.  Each company should have a posting address & a land-line telephone number. Do not entertain mobile only phone number companies.

2.  Ensure each company specifies exactly what they are pricing for including the level of work & what new materials they have allowed for.  Ensure they have adequate insurance.

3.  Obtain references from your roofing company & check them out including any trade associations.  Is there a cost effective warranty scheme offered?.

4.  Agree a start & finish date but allow for inclement weather.

5.  Do not pay for any work ahead of the project other than for a small holding deposit .

6.  Upon completion do your best to get up onto the roof via the contractors scaffold & personal assistance to view the finished works.  If this is not possible then obtain someone else's opinion whom you trust.

7.  Prior to final payment obtain any written guarantees.