Roof Inspection Surveys

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What is a pitched roof survey 

A pitched roof survey is simply a close inspection of the roof covering that will also include abutments, flashings, weathering details, hips, ridges, valleys, eaves and verges.

Your pitched roof survey will also include a condition report on the rain water goods. Many leaks in pitched roofs are not that obvious and often need a bit of detective work to track down the source of the pitched roof leak.

A leak at one corner of a room can often have its leak at the complete other end of the roof surface. This is due to the fact that water can easily travel between the roofing or ceiling layers before dropping to below and exposing itself in water damage.

A pitched roof survey will normally provide you with a solution as to the source of the leak and an idea of the hidden damage that may have already occurred.

The roof survey of your pitched roof will also provide you with an idea as to whether or not a simple repair is necessary or its total replacement will be required together with an indication of likely costs.